KM5516 - 三輪腳踏車連後座雙座位 Weplay Tuk Tuk



- 品牌 : Weplay (台灣品牌) - 材質 : PP, 塑膠, 尼龍, 鐵 - 呎吋 : 69 x 116 x 73 (cm) - 承重量 : 60 kg - 適合年齡 : 5 ~ 9歲 - 通過安全測試 : 安全 / 無毒 / 無污染 - 產品特性 : 耐用 / 不易變形 - 適用於 : 會所 / 幼兒園 / PLAYGROUP **詳情請致電 21360258 或電郵至 [email protected] 查詢** Weplay Tuk Tuk This dual trike is designed especially for three children. Code : KM5516 Brand: Weplay Suitable age : 5 ~ 9 years old Max. Load : 60 kg Weight : 15.5 kg Materials include: PP, TPE, Nylon, Iron Country of origin: Taiwan It is firm、steady and durable.It is made by firm iron tube. The design of wheel is seamless and closely knit. You don't need reinflat it because of the spacious wheel. Whole trikes body is made by iron, and it won't fade or rust. The handle and wheel are made by TPE, non-toxic and recycle. It is not only suitable for the kindergarten with high used frequency, but also suitable for the family kids. ★Enhance children's sense of movement coordination and control ability of hands and eyes. ★Promote interactive and communicate learning as well as social skills for children. ★Help children to establish the concept of space and position.